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Why Attend “Engaging Creativity” training?

  • This training program was created to unleash your natural creativity using a wide variety of creative tools that have stood the test of time. In this high-intensity interactive workshop called “The Creativity Hothouse”, you will not only be able to “go outside the box”—you will experience what it is like to discard the box entirely. That is a promise!

  • Designed to “Remove the Chains from Your Brains.” The Creativity Hothouse gives you the mindsets, skills and tools to fully harness your creative potential.

  • Tested and refined over several decades, the Creativity Hothouse experience is a reliable, safe and fun way to learn what really works and goes far beyond mere “brainstorming.”

  • After experiencing the Creative Hothouse process you can immediately apply these powerful tools and mindsets to any creative challenge you are facing. Whether you want to solve tough problems, create new products, develop high-impact communications programs or new business ideas, you will have the tools, mindsets and process to develop real breakthroughs.


What is it Like?

  • In this training, you will be challenged to let go of the old assumptions and barriers that have held you back in the past.

  • Through exercises, games, role plays and non-stop fun you will work closely with other people to get your creative juices flowing freely.

  • You can expect high energy, fun, challenges and lots of laughter.

  • Who said that learning has to be difficult or painful?

  • In fact being silly and letting go always produces the best creative breakthroughs. Come and see for yourself!


How Does it Work?

  • The Creativity Hothouse works by quickly shifting you out of your normal “boxed-in” ways of thinking and gets you moving down new pathways, opening your imagination to the fullest.

  • The tools you will learn to use in hands-on exercises are the same ones that major multinational corporations give their best creative talent to use.

  • The Creativity Hothouse process goes “step-by-step,” gradually heating up the creative environment until reaching a frenzy of creative energy, unleashing possibilities not previously imagined.

  • Best of all, Engaging Minds and IndoAsiaKom have created a special “fast-track” format for The Creativity Hothouse so that it can be presented in a half-day format.


Who Should Attend?

Managers, professionals, sales executives, marketers, account executives, entrepreneurs, senior leaders and people just starting their careers. Anyone can enjoy, learn and benefit from the Creativity Hothouse. Jaded executives, tired of doing things the same old way also can get a new lease on life from The Creativity Hothouse.

In short, if you want to be able to tap more of your natural creativity, this is the workshop for you.


What Will “Engaging Creativity” Do for You?

  • You will gain a new confidence in your ability to reliably “take the chains off your brains” to produce creative breakthroughs.

  • Never again will you be stuck staring at a blank screen without any ideas for moving forward.

  • Once you have had this experience you will never think about creativity in the same way again. You will discover the potential genius that lives in every person and you will know how to unleash that genius whenever you wish.

  • In fact, using the tools and mindsets you will get from the Creativity Hothouse you will be able to do just about anything you set your mind on achieving.

  • You will receive a participant manual filled with tools to unleash your

Your Facilitators

David Chard

David Chard

President, EngagingMinds Worldwide, Inc.

David Chard is a 27 year veteran of advertising, marketing and public relations and President of EngagingMinds Worldwide, Inc., a leadership development consultancy. He has worked as a trainer, coach and facilitator throughout his career and has made a special study of creative methods, learning from the masters along the way. He uses Action Learning, facilitation, role plays, games and non-stop humor to help adult learners master new skills quickly and easily.

He is a long-term resident of the Asia-Pacific region, based in Taiwan and speaks Mandarin fluently. He has conducted many training workshops in Jakarta since 2005. In his words “I absolutely love Indonesia because the people there are truly committed to learning and development and always give their very best. I can’t wait to be back in Jakarta again.”

I absolutely love Indonesia because the people there are truly committed to learning and development and always give their very best. I can’t wait to be back in Jakarta again.


Bambang Chriswanto

Bambang Chriswanto

Senior PR practitioner and Vice Chairman of Edelman Indonesia

Bambang Chriswanto is a senior public relations (PR) practitioner and Vice Chairman of Edelman Indonesia, an international PR consultancy in Jakarta. He has worked as a facilitator and trainer in various communications training programs and is also a faculty member of the International Dual Degree Undergraduate Program, Department of Communications, the University of Indonesia.

In his career, he has nurtured teams of agency personnel and in-house communications teams tasked with developing and managing creative and award-winning communications/PR campaigns for both internal/employee and external audiences. Bambang has learned the challenges and ways to create the most appropriate working environment for his team members to maximize their creative potential. “Through activities that we design in this workshop, I look forward to exchanging ideas with you in our interactive sessions,” he says.

Through activities that we design in this workshop, I look forward to exchanging ideas with you in our interactive sessions

Don’t wait. This session will be very valuable for you to fully harness your creative potential. Register now because attendance is limited.